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6 Easy Step on How to Build Your Table Tennis Table

  1. Make sure the table tennis table you are building respects the regulation size. The standard ping pong table usually has 76 cm (30 inches) height, 1.52 cm (5 feet) width and 2.74 cm (9 feet) length. The ping table is most commonly made of masonite but you can very well decide to build it with a similarly manufactured timber.
  2. Building the frame of the table to match your pong table. All you need to do is make a rectangle with two 4-foot boards and two 8-foot boards, screw them together and attach a 3-foot board to brace the table.
  3. Building the top should start by smoothing the surface in order to remove any rough spots. Paint the board in green or blue or any other color that can contrast with the playing area, let it dry overnight and then apply the board lines. Keep in mind that the surface of the table is usually a coating with a thickness between 19 mm (0.75 inches) - minimum accepted - to 25 mm (1 inch).
  4. Attaching the frame and the top of the table should be done using wood screws, clamps or wood glue.
  5. Designing, cutting and attaching the table legs is done by cutting 4 legs of approximately 29 ½ inches long that are each attached at a corner of the table tennis table - at the inside edge of the frame - with screws.
  6. The finishing touch consists in filling out the cracks that were made in the table top by the previous connections with plywood and then sanding the joints. Repaint the table and the draw the board lines with white paint and you are done.

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