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The right equipment

Firstly equip yourself with a few items of basic equipment. Your local golf professional can advise you about suitable golf clubs. You might buy a half set of clubs to start including irons, woods and a putter plus a carrying bag to put them in. Add a few balls, tees and a ball marker.

The right clothing

Generally, the rule for acceptable golf clothing is smart not casual. Shirts must be collared and are usually of the sporting type with either short or long sleeves. Tailored trousers and a lightweight sweater will also be needed together with comfortable golf shoes. A waterproof jacket or full suit is also essential as golf games are not normally cancelled if it is raining - only if the course is too wet to play on. Clothing can be bought from a golf or sports shop and there is now an excellent choice available online.

Have a few lessons

Before going on the golf course for the first time, you should book a course of golf lessons from a local professional. He will tell you how to hold and swing the club correctly so that you hit the ball well enough around the course without embarrassing yourself and your fellow players.

Group classes, if available, would be a more economical alternative to individual lessons. Always practice what you have been taught.

Read up about the game

Books and DVDs give advice about how to play golf and the rules of etiquette surrounding the game.These could either be purchased or borrowed from your local library.

Joining a golf club

Delay joining a golf club until you know that golf is the game for you. Instead, play on a municipal course where you can "pay and play" rather than paying a high membership fee.


Learning to play golf can bring great enjoyment provided you start on the right track with the basics outlined above.

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