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In little more than a half decade of GG & G has an important role in the development of accessories for tactical weapons.

This is one of the most dominant and innovative lines of tactical products, sales and technical support the worldwide army. Since the beginning of his GG & G, the main objective of the development of high-quality of the weapon of army, innovative optical mounting systems have been. Accessories for tactical weapons are that meet the mission requirements of our highly qualified professionals of the best weapon in the world.

All GG&G products is not only good in design, but built in Tucson, Arizona, with the new design equipments and machinery accessories. We are very proud that all our products are in the U.S. for men and women who are proud to be American made.

With this is industry standards we are a relatively small company. But all employees, from top management to the men and women who operate the machine and run the installation, committed and enthusiastic support of the highest quality tactical accessories for our customers to tactical efforts of the world like this product, Mossberg 500 Tactical Accessories. Tactical equipment is an object that falls into the military or law enforcement. What makes this gear, for example equipment used for hiking or backpacking, the compatibility of militaries. Weapon accessories designed to adapt and improve the fire arms used by the army. Bags and accessories for weapons are for the various components of tactical equipment. In difficult of cases such as those designed by Pelican Protect, firearms and ammunition by transportation really waterproof and sealed the weapons. If this weapon in action, but must adapt to any environment.

Common weapon sights are an accessory for a firearm to connect users to improve accuracy target. Optical viewfinder, as well as red dots, the proper reference point is for possible improvements to the user's purpose. And it is known in some cases of elements of the enlargement. This feature provides an extended range of the weapon product. Our mission is simple. It is to maximize offer our customers in the highest quality of the weapon accessories. American made accessories and innovative tactics, tactical versatility, durability and longevity. To continue to improve our products and customer service to all customers a decisive step forward.

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