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Knowing your intention to get freshwater fishing or saltwater fishing will determine many things. Fly fishing can be an activity that releases all of your stressful feelings and gain a balanced mind. You can spend your day or leisure time by going to fishing spot with your friends or family members. Sometimes, it can be quite confusing for you to decide whether you want to get freshwater or saltwater fishing. Thus, there are two basic things you should consider before deciding on freshwater fishing or saltwater fishing.

The first one is the location or fishing spot. Having a perfect fly rod can be the first thing you should have before fishing. Afterwards, you can decide in where you want to go for fishing. If your house is near with a river, maybe you can just decide to get freshwater fishing. Then, you can ask your friends or relatives to prepare other fishing equipment. Do not forget to bring barbecue grill as well. In the other hand, if you intend to get a different experience, you can decide to explore a new fishing spot that may be not popular or known by many people. For example, you have already found a new fishing spot at the sea. Then, you can just decide to get saltwater fishing at once.

The second one is the season. You may have prepared a particular fly reel for both saltwater and freshwater fishing. Besides, you should pay attention to the season. If you are living in a four-season country, you need to know what kinds of fish will be available in winter, summer, autumn, and spring season. For example, you notice that there are lots of red drum fish (as freshwater fish) in mid-August to mid-October; you can set the time to get freshwater fishing during that time. In short, you may identify the season and find out what kinds of fish will be available to catch at the season rightfully.

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